Collaboration Request - AD Vault Inc.

  • Evaluation/Pilot

US company seeks first free test site in UK for Digital Emergency, Critical and Advance Care Plans

MyDirectives is a succesful US approach to creating Emergency, Critical and Advance Care Plans at a population level. We now want to evaluate our apporach in the UK and seek either a CCG or Hospital Trust partner who would be willing to work with MyDirectives to delvier a pilot. MyDirectives will deliver its technology and services free for six months.

Problem trying to solve

MyDirectives is trying to solve the following problems: 1) Loved ones not knowing what friends and family members want in a medical crisis; 2) Doctors not knowing who to talk to or where to find the relevant statement of wishes 3) The creation of statements they are not useful for clinicians 4) Patient wishes not being adhered to.

Aims / Objectives

Reduction in unwanted procedures and attendance

Benefit To Health Service

There is actual and research evidence suggesting that for every citizen in possession of an ECACP the health system will save £2,100 in a health crisis.

Organisational Involvement Required

We would ask the organisation to get all its staff to fill in an ECACP. We would require advocacy from staff. We would need to be able to send invites digitally either by mobile or email to a specified cohort of citizens.